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Written and Produced | Latavius Robinson

Lead Vocals | D.Riggins

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       Available on all Digital Platforms        

"I was honored to sing lead on this Latavius Robinson track. He is such a gifted producer and songwriter." 

      - D. Riggins       

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"I'm making room for new music and can't wait to share it with you.

So, everything must go! I still have CDs available. I'm so thankful for your outpouring of love and support!"

- D. Riggins on 2009 debut album

D. Riggins enters into an authentic place of transparency that illuminates the passion of humanity’s pursuit of the heart of God. The collection of songs illustrates Riggins’ sincere longing to honor Jesus Christ. Fueled by intimate lyrics, supported with scripture, My Heart is After You, invokes the listener to pursue our Father.

D. Riggins attempts to capture the purity of the album’s demonstration of praise and worship through a raw sound that’s artistically natural and free. With intriguing lyrics and melodies that flow through each track, an atmosphere of power and freedom is evident. The message of “Where Will I Go” expresses the commitment of a believer's journey in Christ. “I Can” is an up tempo track that reminds the believer of the power inherited through a relationship with the Lord. "No Other" raises the awareness of man's inevitable attempt to glory in "self". Yet, this track reestablishes the truth that there is only one God...the God of Genesis 1:1. “It’s Like” epitomizes the album’s raw concept with its acoustic touch.

The end product? A power-packed experience that inspires the listener to continuously chase after the Heart of God!


"The digital album is available on all music platforms."

- D. Riggins on 2009 debut album

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